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Ten Things to Do in Madrid

The capital city of Spain offers so many places to visit and things to do, that one might find it difficult to decide how to spend a vacation in Madrid. Having found the accommodation, regardless if it is a hotel or Madrid apartment, visit Madrid will now be much easier since your luggage is left in safety. Here are some of the things to do:

1. Visit museums and galleries

Madrid is a city famous for culture and art, so you have to devote at least one day to visiting museums and art galleries in the city. You will be able to enjoy history and art from 12th century until present day.

2. Take a walk in a Park Retiro

Perhaps the most famous park and one of the most visited landmarks of Madrid is the Park Retiro. It allows you to take a walk and enjoy the nature. In the same time you can visit the Crystal Palace and other monuments in the park.

3. Shop in Gran Via

Gran Via is a popular shopping area in Madrid. This wide street, kilometers long, is full of shops and cafes. In addition, if you love architecture and design, you will also enjoy the buildings along the street.

4. Enjoy the view

One of the best ways to enjoy the view is to visit Teleférico de Madrid where you can get a ride in a cable car, that runs above the city in over 2 kilometers long ride.

5. Visit the squares

Madrid squares are perfect for learning something about the city’s history, as well as to take amazing pictures of landscape. In addition, lots of guided tours start from one of the squares.

6. Try local food

One of the things you must to do while in Madrid is to try local cuisine and enjoy some of the national dishes available in local restaurants.

7. Enjoy a night out

If you enjoy going out and attending parties, you will love Madrid and its all-night-long parties. Different types of music are played in different locations, so there is something for everyone here, starting from pop, rock, to dance, house, etc.

8. Attend a local festival

Depending on the time of your visit, you might have an opportunity to attend a local festival where you can learn a lot about local customs and tradition.

9. Go to a game

Madrid is home to the Real Madrid football club, playing at the Santiago Bernabéu. If you love football and there happens to be a game played during your visit, make sure you attend the game. You can also visit the stadium when there is no game.

10. Visit city’s landmarks

Other city’s landmarks you should visit include Madrid’s Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol, the Paseo del Prado, the Paseo de la Castellana, the Puerta de Alcalá, the Catedral de la Almudena, as well as famous four skyscrapers in Madrid: Torre Bankia, Torre PwC, Torre Espacio and Torre de Cristal.

Interior Design

Interior design represents a group of actions or projects in order to change the interior of a certain constructions. The professional interior design, the styles and practices it introduced, are all result of modern architecture and development of industry.

The first interior design services were introduced by furniture companies in the 19th century, when artistic elements started to be integrated into the design of rooms. Later on, showrooms and exhibition brought this type of design to the larger group of people, so the idea of the interior design started to be widely adopted.

The 20th century brought more professional attitude towards interior design. Not only has interior design started to be applied in professional environments, but this activity grew out into a completely new profession. Interior designers started to operate in separate companies, independent from the furniture manufacturers. By the mid 20th century first interior design courses were introduced. Interior design has started to become a new discipline, independent from the architecture.

There are numerous ways people become interior designers. Still there are professional courses and trainings where designer can obtain informal education. However, this discipline has found its way into educational system, so there are schools and universities where one can obtain professional degree. The schools and colleges are available in different countries offering courses in different languages, but if you are from Spain, interior design college in Spain would be a perfect choice. Not only does it provide education in Spanish, but the style and courses are based on the distinctive Spanish culture.

We can distinguish between two types of interior design. Residential design refers to the design of private residences. In this case, an interior designer must consult the owner in order to match the needs and desires of the owner. Designer’s job is to present the styles and trends in the interior design and then adapt the project to the client. Depending on the project, the designer is usually supposed to redesign the current interior but some parts of the old object’s design should be preserved and simply adapted to the new environment.

On the other hand, commercial design is much wider area as it specializes in the design of all sorts of institutions, industrial facilities, work environments, as well as corporate branding. The usage of space in modern work environments has become an important part of the company image. This also refers to the companies that have lots of offices or stores. The same interior design used in all of the objects of the company or institution should be a reflection of the professionalism, which would improve the image and the success of the company. With commercial interior design, the designer’s job is refurbish the object entirely, in most cases without preserving much of the old design, as the interior should match the general interior design of the company. In this case, the designer usually follows the same project design in various different objects owned by the same client.

Produced Water Treatment

The term produced water is used for the water produced as a byproduct in the industry. Water is separated into special wells along the production process. In the past, this water was usually stored in those wells or special ponds, where it would evaporate over time. However, as the issue of environment protection has become extremely important, this kind of disposal of produced water has been abandoned, as it have negative effect on the environment. Produced water is now considered industrial waste at has to be disposed according to the valid regulations.

There are several process and technologies used for produced water treatment. Different industries involve different processes and chemicals into their everyday operations, which is why the produced water treatment is different from industry to industry. The basic of all of the processes is the removal of contamination using different chemicals or physical processes.

Brine treatment is a process during which salt ions are removed from the waste water. It is mainly used when treating produced water from natural gas, pulp and paper mill effluent, or in the food industry. The process includes produced water filtration with membranes or evaporation process.

Removal of solids is most commonly done using sedimentations techniques. This includes oil and grease removal, which is commonly the case in oil refineries and chemical plants, and  biodegradable organics removal, usually conducted with treating water of organic origin. When it comes to the first process, filtration or ultrafiltration is necessary in some cases when densities of solids are similar, as simple technique of solids removal may fail in such cases. The second process includes different biological and chemical processes which use various substances for water treatment.

Neutralization is a process that is most often applied for treatment of acids and alkais in the water. Other toxic materials, such as zinc, silver, arsenic, etc. are also treated using biological processes. Neutralization of hazardous substances is necessary in order to prevent them to pollute the environment as this kind of pollution may endanger nearby ecosystems.

Treating produced water is an important task imposed on all of us. It is essential to raise awareness of the negative influence of produced water. Not only should we be aware of this problem and the possible consequences, but we must do our best to learn about different treatment processes in order to reduce the amount of pollution as much as possible.

This issue is a global issue which should affect all of the people who want to preserve the environment for the future. Our goal should be developing new and improved techniques for treating produces water, which will eventually result in reduced pollution. Investing in research and productions of new systems and tools that improve the level of efficiency of water treatment, regardless if it is filtration removal or biochemical removal, should be our primary task. Reduction of pollution is necessary in various different fields and industries, but treating produced water is a good way to start this goal.

The Beaches in San Sebastian

A beautiful coastal city, the city of San Sebastian, is a perfect location if you want to enjoy in a peaceful vacation. Due to the beauty of the nature and the beaches, this city has become a popular tourist destination, especially during summer vacations.

Having in mind the great tourist potential, the city has well-developed infrastructure allowing guests to easily get to the city and find comfortable vacation rental San Sebastian. There are lots of different types of accommodation, depending on your needs. And once you are settled, you are ready to explore the beaches in the city.

There are two main beaches and two smaller beaches. They are located on the two side of the river.

La Concha is located on the west. It is a very large beach in the bay. It is popular for swimming and sunbathing, with life-guards available on the beach. La Concha beach is considered the most popular among the beaches in San Sebastian and the best attraction in the city. It has even been awarded by international magazines as one of the best beaches to visit. It is approximately one and a half kilometers long and it provides the amazing view of the city and the mountain Urgull.

La Zurriola is in the east part of the city. It is actually an extension of the old part of the city. This beach is mainly famous for beach sports, especially surfing. There is a possibility to rent surfboards and bodyboards on La Zurriola beach, or even to book a surf lesson with experienced surfers. Mainly popular among the young ones, this beach is perfect for all kinds of summer sports, as well as for sunbathing.

Ondarreta is on the west side of the river, as well La Concha. Half a kilometer long, this beach is a very busy place as it is located in the hearth of the city. This beach is considered the best beach for swimming.

The Island Beach is the fourth beach, near the city. Although the smallest, less than 50 meters long, this beach is a perfect destination if you want to enjoy tranquility and serenity of the beach resort. You can relax and enjoy the warm breeze, away from the city noise and crowd. Even though it is a bit away from the city, you can find a lot of restaurants and beach cafes here as well.

There is a walking path that goes along the beaches in the city center, right up the mountain. If you want to go for a relaxing walk and enjoy the fresh sea air, you have this promenade along the beach, where you can enjoy the view of the sandy beach and clear water on one side, and the traditional architecture and narrow city streets on the other. Having in mind that there are cafes and restaurants along the beaches, as well as showers, spending the entire day on the beach sounds like a great opportunity to enjoy while on vacation in San Sebastian.

Types of Accommodation in Madrid

There are many types of accommodation in Madrid, depending on the nature of travel, as well as depending on the person who is traveling. Having in mind the different needs and desires of different people, we will highlight some of the most common types of accommodation available.


It has become very simple to book a hotel in a foreign country, without even hiring the agency. All you need to do is to visit the hotel’s website or a website that specializes in online booking, and you can easily find the hotel you want.

Hotels are especially suitable for solo travelers or couples, as the hotels rooms are usually small. There are numerous hotels in Madrid, depending on the location and the budget. The good thing about hotels is that there are a lot of additional services that may be included in the price, such as having a hair dryer, an iron or a mini bar in your room. Cleaning of the room is also included in the price, and some hotels will send a car to pick you up from the airport.


Hostels are a cheaper variant of the hotels. You would still be renting a room, but the rooms are larger and by default they accommodate a larger number of travelers, usually between four and eight. They frequently have shared bathroom.

Since this option is obviously a perfect solution for those who are trying to stay on the budget, hostels Madrid Spain are mainly popular among students. They usually travel with a group of friends, and due to nice and warm weather, Madrid is a popular destination for backpackers and students who are enjoying their summer holiday.


This is a very convenient solution for those looking for a private accommodation, with the possibility to accommodate several people, such as families with children, or group of friends, cousins, etc. Renting an apartment is very flexible, as you are not limited to a certain area, but you can find an apartment in any part of the city you choose.

Self-catering is something that distinguishes apartments and makes them very desirable for travelers, as well as for people who are looking for long-term accommodation. They are more spacious than hotel rooms and more convenient than staying in a hostel, which is why they are often considered one of the most comfortable type of accommodation.

Some other, less popular types of accommodation include campsites, campuses, B&Bs, country houses, etc. Different life style and habits influence people to seek different opportunities when it comes to staying in a foreign country. What you need to do, before making any decision, is to explore your options and analyze the offer online. You should also explore the online reviews and compare the accommodation, as each type of accommodation has a lot of sub-types. For example, staying in a hotel with one star would be a completely different experience comparing to the staying in a five-star hotel.