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Interior Design

Interior design represents a group of actions or projects in order to change the interior of a certain constructions. The professional interior design, the styles and practices it introduced, are all result of modern architecture and development of industry.

The first interior design services were introduced by furniture companies in the 19th century, when artistic elements started to be integrated into the design of rooms. Later on, showrooms and exhibition brought this type of design to the larger group of people, so the idea of the interior design started to be widely adopted.

The 20th century brought more professional attitude towards interior design. Not only has interior design started to be applied in professional environments, but this activity grew out into a completely new profession. Interior designers started to operate in separate companies, independent from the furniture manufacturers. By the mid 20th century first interior design courses were introduced. Interior design has started to become a new discipline, independent from the architecture.

There are numerous ways people become interior designers. Still there are professional courses and trainings where designer can obtain informal education. However, this discipline has found its way into educational system, so there are schools and universities where one can obtain professional degree. The schools and colleges are available in different countries offering courses in different languages, but if you are from Spain, interior design college in Spain would be a perfect choice. Not only does it provide education in Spanish, but the style and courses are based on the distinctive Spanish culture.

We can distinguish between two types of interior design. Residential design refers to the design of private residences. In this case, an interior designer must consult the owner in order to match the needs and desires of the owner. Designer’s job is to present the styles and trends in the interior design and then adapt the project to the client. Depending on the project, the designer is usually supposed to redesign the current interior but some parts of the old object’s design should be preserved and simply adapted to the new environment.

On the other hand, commercial design is much wider area as it specializes in the design of all sorts of institutions, industrial facilities, work environments, as well as corporate branding. The usage of space in modern work environments has become an important part of the company image. This also refers to the companies that have lots of offices or stores. The same interior design used in all of the objects of the company or institution should be a reflection of the professionalism, which would improve the image and the success of the company. With commercial interior design, the designer’s job is refurbish the object entirely, in most cases without preserving much of the old design, as the interior should match the general interior design of the company. In this case, the designer usually follows the same project design in various different objects owned by the same client.