The Beaches in San Sebastian

A beautiful coastal city, the city of San Sebastian, is a perfect location if you want to enjoy in a peaceful vacation. Due to the beauty of the nature and the beaches, this city has become a popular tourist destination, especially during summer vacations.

Having in mind the great tourist potential, the city has well-developed infrastructure allowing guests to easily get to the city and find comfortable vacation rental San Sebastian. There are lots of different types of accommodation, depending on your needs. And once you are settled, you are ready to explore the beaches in the city.

There are two main beaches and two smaller beaches. They are located on the two side of the river.

La Concha is located on the west. It is a very large beach in the bay. It is popular for swimming and sunbathing, with life-guards available on the beach. La Concha beach is considered the most popular among the beaches in San Sebastian and the best attraction in the city. It has even been awarded by international magazines as one of the best beaches to visit. It is approximately one and a half kilometers long and it provides the amazing view of the city and the mountain Urgull.

La Zurriola is in the east part of the city. It is actually an extension of the old part of the city. This beach is mainly famous for beach sports, especially surfing. There is a possibility to rent surfboards and bodyboards on La Zurriola beach, or even to book a surf lesson with experienced surfers. Mainly popular among the young ones, this beach is perfect for all kinds of summer sports, as well as for sunbathing.

Ondarreta is on the west side of the river, as well La Concha. Half a kilometer long, this beach is a very busy place as it is located in the hearth of the city. This beach is considered the best beach for swimming.

The Island Beach is the fourth beach, near the city. Although the smallest, less than 50 meters long, this beach is a perfect destination if you want to enjoy tranquility and serenity of the beach resort. You can relax and enjoy the warm breeze, away from the city noise and crowd. Even though it is a bit away from the city, you can find a lot of restaurants and beach cafes here as well.

There is a walking path that goes along the beaches in the city center, right up the mountain. If you want to go for a relaxing walk and enjoy the fresh sea air, you have this promenade along the beach, where you can enjoy the view of the sandy beach and clear water on one side, and the traditional architecture and narrow city streets on the other. Having in mind that there are cafes and restaurants along the beaches, as well as showers, spending the entire day on the beach sounds like a great opportunity to enjoy while on vacation in San Sebastian.

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