Types of Accommodation in Madrid

There are many types of accommodation in Madrid, depending on the nature of travel, as well as depending on the person who is traveling. Having in mind the different needs and desires of different people, we will highlight some of the most common types of accommodation available.


It has become very simple to book a hotel in a foreign country, without even hiring the agency. All you need to do is to visit the hotel’s website or a website that specializes in online booking, and you can easily find the hotel you want.

Hotels are especially suitable for solo travelers or couples, as the hotels rooms are usually small. There are numerous hotels in Madrid, depending on the location and the budget. The good thing about hotels is that there are a lot of additional services that may be included in the price, such as having a hair dryer, an iron or a mini bar in your room. Cleaning of the room is also included in the price, and some hotels will send a car to pick you up from the airport.


Hostels are a cheaper variant of the hotels. You would still be renting a room, but the rooms are larger and by default they accommodate a larger number of travelers, usually between four and eight. They frequently have shared bathroom.

Since this option is obviously a perfect solution for those who are trying to stay on the budget, hostels Madrid Spain are mainly popular among students. They usually travel with a group of friends, and due to nice and warm weather, Madrid is a popular destination for backpackers and students who are enjoying their summer holiday.


This is a very convenient solution for those looking for a private accommodation, with the possibility to accommodate several people, such as families with children, or group of friends, cousins, etc. Renting an apartment is very flexible, as you are not limited to a certain area, but you can find an apartment in any part of the city you choose.

Self-catering is something that distinguishes apartments and makes them very desirable for travelers, as well as for people who are looking for long-term accommodation. They are more spacious than hotel rooms and more convenient than staying in a hostel, which is why they are often considered one of the most comfortable type of accommodation.

Some other, less popular types of accommodation include campsites, campuses, B&Bs, country houses, etc. Different life style and habits influence people to seek different opportunities when it comes to staying in a foreign country. What you need to do, before making any decision, is to explore your options and analyze the offer online. You should also explore the online reviews and compare the accommodation, as each type of accommodation has a lot of sub-types. For example, staying in a hotel with one star would be a completely different experience comparing to the staying in a five-star hotel.

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